Tuesday 06 October, 3:00 - 4:00, Library 128

In this session we will take a 10,000 foot view of what data management is and work with an application to help you create that view. We will use one tool, a data management plan organizer, in this session in addition to learning some theory.


What is data management? Simply put, data management is the process of how you manage the data (signals, symbols, and raw outputs) that comes from your research proposal. Most research now has some involvement with data and managing that data will ask you many questions; such as do I need a data glossary, or what repository can I use that is secure for private data, or what audience am I targeting?


UMass Dartmouth has become an official partner with DMPTool. This site allows for you to create, revise, and publish your plans to meet the requirements of different funding agencies. Also provided are links to helpful resources and contacts if you have questions. You won't be able to store your research data in DMPTool, but you will be able to store the plan that (should) link to your data.

What will we do today?

Today's class will be a lecture mixed between a little PowerPoint slideshow and a larger section on the DMPTool application, and we may venture into our Data Management LibGuide. We will load DMPTool on our screens before the presentation begins, and we will create a sample plan so that we understand how DMPTool works and know what it can help us with.

If you have a research proposal or existing project, you are welcome to bring that to class to get started with as an example.

Lecture Outline

Introduction to the Series, welcome from the instructors
A very brief introduction to what data management actually is (Painter)
Introduction to the DMPTool, its uses, and how to create a plan (Painter)
Discussion of fundamental concepts within Data Management using an NSF plan as a template (Painter 1-3, Gross 4, Winiarz 5)

Slides and Materials

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (modified) - Module 1

Link to DMPTool (for now you have to create your own account; we hope to link the Single-Sign-On soon. Make sure to select your institution as UMass Dartmouth!)