Tuesday 27 October, 3:00 - 4:00, Library 128

In this session we will learn about any legal or ethical considerations that could arise in your research, and talk about responsible data sharing practices. We will also wrap-up the course with a discussion on various parts of the Open Movement; Source, Access, and Educational Resources.

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Data, Data Sharing Practices

Is there any point, for legal or ethical reasons, why I would not share my data? Who owns my data? The funding mandates from government agencies are one thing, but researchers rightly have concerns over what they are legally or ethically not bound to share, and who has ownership of their work. Similarly, with funders requiring the sharing of data to go with funding, understanding the principles behind sharing your data are important to learn.


The Open Movement is not one thing, but rather several movements designed to provide better access to materials and tools for all people. Today we will discuss three components of this movement. First, we will talk about Open Data and Open Source software, the tools which you need to ensure full accessibility of your research by the public. Second is Open Access, the medium of publishing which allows for all members of the research community to participate in your work. Finally we will conclude with Open Educational Resources, a growing movement designed to allow for learning materials to be more affordable in an age where student costs are rising astronomically.

What will we do today?

Today we will have a two-part lecture. The first part will cover what data sharing is, the ownership of your data, and possible restrictions on sharing your data. Then we will talk about Open Science and Open Research, providing you with tools, file formats, publishing venues, and educational resources to have a complete open experience for your work.

Lecture Outline

Lecture, Modules 4 and 7 from Powerpoint (Painter)
Open Source, Open Data (Gross)
Open Access, Open Publishing (Winiarz)
Open Educational Resources, Open Textbooks (Painter)

Slides and Materials

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (revised) - Modules 5 & 6